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Welcome to Assured Plumbing Solutions, your Lincolnshire based OFTEC specialist. We aim to provide the highest quality of plumbing and oil fired heating services to all our customers, at competitive rates. Based in Scothern, just outside Lincoln, we offer a wide range of services. To find out more, please take a moment to browse the site, using the links above……..

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Our Values

MISSION:To provide an open, honest and convenient service to all our customers, using the latest technologies, at the best prices.

VISION:To maintain the provision of a professional and trustworthy service to our loyal and future customers, keeping abreast of regulations and technology, through continuous development, training and diligence.



Dripping taps? Leaking stopcock? Don’t leave those long overlooked jobs to become bigger, more expensive problems. Get in touch, and we will arrange to complete repairs at your convenience, and at very competitive rates.

Annual Servicing & Maintenance

The annual servicing of your oil-fired boiler heating system will save you money in the long run, by keeping the boiler running as efficiently as possible, and ensuring your heating and hot water systems are working as they should.

Range Cookers

Assured Plumbing Solutions is able to offer out of warranty annual services and repairs to all AGA, Rayburn and Stanley oil fired range cookers. So if you need a dependable, reliable and prompt service, then do not hesitate to get in touch.


Want the latest heating system controls? Assured Plumbing Solutions are able to provide advice on the latest controls that are available, and what products are suitable for your home, and install them for you.

Design & Installation

From the installation of a new oil boiler, to complete heating and unvented hot water systems, Assured Plumbing Solutions, has the experience and expertise to meet your needs. Get in touch to arrange a free quotation visit.


Radiators not getting hot? Heating system sluggish and making strange noises? A Powerflush removes all deposits and blockages from within your aging system, and allows it to operate at maximum efficiency. Thus, saving you money, and prolonging the life of your existing system. Get in touch for free advice and a quotation.

Underfloor Heating

Whether you’re planning an extension, or a newly built property, Assured Plumbing Solutions are pleased to be able to provide a consultation, design and installation service for Wet Under Floor Heating systems.

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